Tv's been ruining my life since 1996

Grey's, Castle, Criminal Minds, Scandal, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Hunger Games, Pretty Little Liars, Private Practice = loves. I've been ruined by TV, follow and watch me fall apart because of fictional characters.


There’s two types of Autumn:

  1. the bright, colorful, happy autumn with pumpkins, apples, candles, and great food
  2. the dreary, dark, creepy autumn with overcast and rainy skies, scary forests, cool temperatures, and halloween

And I love them both!

This is how my mother wanted to be remembered. My memory of her is… a little bit different. I’m sure everyone remembers their own version of her. Versions I wouldn’t even recognize. It’s all that’s really left of someone when they’re gone. But that’s the tricky thing. Nobody’s memory is perfect or complete. We jumble things up. We lose track of time. We are in one place and another. And it all feels like one long, inescapable moment. It’s just like my mother used to say:

The carousel never stops turning.


grey’s anatomy meme » (9/9) episodes - now or never

did you say it? “i love you. i don’t ever want to live without you. you changed my life.” did you say it? make a plan. set a goal. work toward it, but every now and then, look around. drink it in ‘cause this is it. it might all be gone tomorrow.